Here comes the sun

Producing high quality sunshades for more than 125 years, the Glatz family grew their business internationally and firmly established the brand as a European market leader. In 2020, Glatz reviewed its business strategy and went for a complete overhaul of its brand identity.


The brand’s history spans several generations and is rooted in ingenuity, durability, individuality and iconic design. The new chapter of this history is a continuation of the brand’s tradition and innovative spirit but adds a stronger feel of Swissness. It also shifts the focus from purely product to the people living with and enjoying the product.

“The new identity exemplifies our brand’s inventive genius and high level of quality. It is true to our tradition and Swiss heritage.”

Isabelle Dürselen, Head of Marketing

“We gained a lot from the experience and expertise of Scholtysik & Partner regarding both strategic positioning and implementing a Swiss brand internationally.”

Goris Verburg, Co-CEO Sales and Marketing

Generous and light

The look and feel of Glatz is clear and easy on the eye. Simple yet flexible typography allows for varied layouts. Across all media the result is both consistent and typical for the brand. Thus, the brand design helps convey the Glatz promise of Swiss quality.

Joy of use

Glatz offers a wide range of sunshades, they are highly customizable and the colour palette is enormous. And each model comes with a whole plethora of accessories. So user-friendly design is paramount. For choice to remain a privilege and not turn into a burden the users must never feel lost and find everything intuitively and conveniently.


Positioning | Brand promise | Brand personality | Brand design | Logo design | concept for imagery | Print collateral | Picture editing | Product branding


photography: Mike Meyer

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