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Keen Innovation

Start-up spirit with banking power

Keen Innovation Ltd is an innovation lab of Basler Kantonalbank and Bank Cler. Its core business is developing and prototyping innovative solutions for financial services. The two banks are both Keen’s investor and customer. Together, they form one of Switzerland’s top ten banking players and provide powerful backing. Keen operates as an independent company with its own team on its own premises. Its positioning and culture differ considerably from the banks. Consequentially, Keen is set apart as an independent brand.

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Keen means keen

Requirements for the new name were: short and bold, bright sound, easy to pronounce and to memorize, cutting the ice in the international fintech community and boosting the company’s start-up credentials. The name Keen exemplifies the curiosity, ambition and energy of the new innovation lab.

The whole naming process with all research and assessments covering language, semantics, intellectual property and commercial law until final brand registration took us less than 40 days. This unusually fast development was made possible by an efficient naming process and the smooth teamwork of a client, branding agency and IP lawyer in perfect sync.

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“We develop new products and services for our customers before others will do it. Keen will aim to meet needs yet unknown with solutions yet unknown.”

Mary Vacalli, Head Digital Transformation, Executive Board of Basler Kantonalbank
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„in progress“ is the main message of Keen’s brand design

The underscore at the end of the word mark visualizes that something is being invented here. We apply this simple design element playfully and context-related to express the brand in an agile and adaptive way. In addition, the whole design is totally simple and straight-forward. The colour palette of black, white and keen-green is super reduced and conveys high intensity.

Keen Innovation AG Business Cards Visitenkarten
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