Pablo Scheidegger


Pablo Scheidegger is a brand designer with extensive experience in corporate design, reporting, editorial and packaging design. He graduated from Lucerne University with a bachelor degree in graphic design. He worked with several well-respected branding agencies in Zurich and served relevant clients across various sectors such as finance, retail, food & beverages, manufacturing and arts. In January 2019 Pablo joined Scholtysik & Partner.

Selected Accounts

Bank Cler, Basler Kantonalbank, BSB (Bürgerspital Basel), Swissgrid, maxon, Aduno Group, Geberit, Migros (Annas Best, M-Classic, M-Bio, M-Budget, Migros Sélection, Terra Suisse), Migrolino, Manor, Brancaia, Chocolats Halba, JTI Dagmersellen, Museum Oskar Reinhart, SV Group, Traktor, Abraxas, Mercedes Benz Switzerland.