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University Psychiatric Clinics of Basel

Top medicine for the benefit of all

In Switzerland, every third person suffers from a diagnosed mental illness over the course of one year. However, less than half use professional help. Although psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatments are an important pillar of the health system, the UPK Basel continue to fight for social acceptance of mental illnesses. With a clear recipe: comprehensive supply of high-quality, scientifically sound therapies, open to all who need them.


Scholtysik & Partner are supporting the University Psychiatric Clinics of Basel (UPK Basel) in this multi-faceted challenge as part of a four-year mandate. We’re further developing the brand identity strategically, sharpening the brand architecture and shaping brand image and communication. The UPK Basel underline their position as one of the leading psychiatric institutions in Switzerland and neighboring countries.

Illustrations create closeness

The new appearance of the UPK Basel is characterized by hand-drawn illustrations. The reduction to the essentials and the simple stroke create urgency and high recognition. We can hardly escape the immediacy of the graphic statement. At the same time, it reduces the distanced perception of psychiatric disorders – a central objective of UPK Basel.

UPK Basel Illustrationen zum Thema Sucht
UPK Basel Illustration von Katze, Tannen und Puzzleteilen

How to reach every different stakeholder group

With newly designed communication tools, we’re building a bridge from well-founded, scientifically-based expertise to easy, low-threshold access for all. The layout is clear and tidy. The colors are fresh and lively, but never garish or penetrating. Combined with characteristic illustrations, they call to the viewer’s interest, while the distinctive writing invites readers to read. The approach is personal and direct.

UPK Basel Faltposter zum Pädagogischen Leitbild
UPK Basel Flyer zu diversen Veranstaltungen
Menukarten von den UPK Basel

Accessible, smart, direct: These are the University Psychiatric Clinics of Basel.

Tramkampagne "Nichts für Sie!" von den UPK Basel
Stationery von den UPK Basel

Consistently responding to patients, relatives and referring physicians

The communication of UPK Basel, which had previously been strongly oriented towards its own organization, will be realigned. The contents consistently speak to the needs and questions of patients, relatives and referring physicians. This becomes particularly clear on the web site. Structure, interaction and interface design are at the service of easy access to psychiatric care.

UPK Basel Website Home
UPK Basel Website Erwachsene Patienten
UPK Basel Website Über uns

An easy access via pictures

Bright, friendly and unobtrusive: the imagery respectfully communicates the different perspectives of the psychiatric and psychotherapeutic activities of the UPK. The pictures are authentic and testify UPK Basels respect and empathy.

UPK Basel Frau alleine auf einer Treppe sitzend
Bild von botanischer Erklärtafel an Baumstamm
UPK Basel, Bild mit sich umarmendem Paar im Park sitzend
UPK Basel, einer Person zu Tisch wird Essen serviert

Transparency and open doors

Since 2017, we have been designing the business and financial report of UPK Basel. The reports convey the openness of the institution and demonstrate its versatility, including offers for children and adults, a forensic sector and the private clinic.

Finanz- und Geschäftsbericht von den UPK Basel 2018
Doppelseite zu Therapieform im Geschäftsbericht UPK Basel
Thematische Doppelseite im Geschäftsbericht UPK Basel
Doppelseite zur Nachwuchsförderung im Geschäftsbericht UPK Basel
Doppelseite im Geschäftsbericht UPK Basel
Doppelseite zu Zusatzinformationen im Geschäftsbericht UPK Basel
Geschäftsbericht UPK Basel
Bilanz und Erfolgsrechnung im Geschäftsbericht der UPK Basel
UPK Basel Bild von zwei Personen den Geschäftsbericht besprechend


Our work for the redesign of UPK Basel has been awarded the Corporate Design Preis for the best corporate design project of the year and a Global Rebrand 100 with Distinction and a DDC (German Designer Club) Bronze Award in the “Identity” category.
UPK Basel Awards


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Pictures: Scholtysik & Partner, Eleni Kougionis

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