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Gottardo 2016

Comprehending the Gotthard Base Tunnel

A hole through the Swiss Alpes with a length of 57 kilometers. Thanks to the new tunnel, trains travel practically at ground level from the North Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. The Gotthard Base Tunnel is a national once-in-a-century project setting various world records. The travelling exhibition «Gottardo 2016» makes the dimensions of this undertaking comprehensible.


The travelling exhibition stops at nine train stations across the country. Five interactive tunnel-shaped modules not only visualize impressing facts and the technological challenges during construction, the visitors also get an idea of the historical, economic and social scope of the undertaking.


«Gottardo 2016» is a common project of the Federal Office for Transport (BAV), the Swiss Railway SBB, and the AlpTransit Gotthard to inform the public on the Gotthard Base Tunnel through various events – the travelling exhibition being the core part.


The beginning of these events was the countdown start on June 1st 2015 and the grand closure will be the opening of the base tunnel with the official ceremony on July 1st 2016 and the subsequent public festival. Up to 100 000 visitors are expected at both ends of the tunnel.


«It’s crazy. Now I see why it took them so long.»

R. Brunner, visitor

Conception, Curating, Cooperation

Scholtysik & Partner was responsible for the conception and curation of the content as well as for coordination between the various stakeholders and sponsors. Scenography and production were assigned to the Zurich based specialist Aroma Productions.

Main sponsors of Gottardo 2016 were ABB, Coop, Credit Suisse, Die Mobiliar, Mondaine, and Stadler Rail. Additional partners were APG Out of Home Media, Swiss Post, Swisscom, and Valora.

Bild: aroma

Four Awards for «Gottardo 2016»

Red Dot Award: Winner in «Spatial Communication»
German Design Award: Winner in «Fair and Exhibition»
FAMAB Award: Silver in «Best Thematic Exhibition»
XAVER Award: Silver in «Best Brandworld & Temporary Exhibition»

Awards für Wanderausstellung Gottardo 2016: Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award Winner, FAMAB Award, Xaver Award


Conception | Curating | Sparring partner for developing the scenographic concept | Co-branding rules | Coordination of project partners and stakeholders | Coordination with sponsors

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