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From woodworking company to designer brand

For more than 80 years Bauwerk produces high-quality parquet in Switzerland and distributes it via floor installers across German-speaking countries. When the owners set ambitious growth targets in the European premium segment the company adopted a new strategy. Bauwerk shifted its focus from middle-men to consumers and consequently from production to design.


Success proved Bauwerk right: The brand is firmly positioned among the leading quality manufacturers in Europe today. Bauwerk established subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, France and Italy and runs 16 exclusive showrooms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Design your own living space

Communication centres around inspiration for creating your own living space rather than technical product features. This strategy makes good use of two megatrends in Western societies: withdrawing into your private spheres – often referred to as cocooning – and curating your own lifestyle.

«They used to be a mere industrial manufacturer. Now they inspire people to deliberately design their personal living space.»

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Celebrating wood

Bauwerk showcases parquet with all its facets and demonstrates the beauty and variety of wood. 16 spacious Parquet Worlds invite visitors to experience Parquet with all senses. To choose the right floor visitors can use the “Parquet Configurator” or other interactive tools as well as personal help from parquet advisors. The Parquet Worlds are situated in top locations such as the “Börseviertel” in Vienna or the “stilwerk” in Berlin.

Bauwerk Parkett Gebäudekennzeichnung
Bauwerk Parkett Inneneinrichtung
Bauwerk Parkett Inneneinrichtung
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Bauwerk Parkett Gebäude

Strategic design

The rebranding of Bauwerk makes the transformation from a manufacturer to a lifestyle brand tangible. The sophisticated black-and-white layout sets the stage for  lively and inspiring imagery and selective colour accents.

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Bauwerk Parkett Broschüre
Bauwerk Parkett Broschüre
Bauwerk Parkett Broschüre
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Bauwerk Parkett Stationery

Healthy living

With the predicate of “Healthy Living”, Bauwerk makes a real contribution to a better quality of life and succeeds in covering or even occupying this important topic.  This claim is proven by using only materials without harmful volatile organic compounds or innovative noise reduction.

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Bauwerk rebranding has been awarded multiple times, most notably with the Rebrand 100 Global Award as one of the world’s 100 best rebranding projects, the annual Design Award of the German Designer Club, and the IF Communication Design Award.
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