1. September 2016

Allthings: Branding a PropTech pioneer

Allthings logo
qipp becomes Allthings. Scholtysik & Partner supports the Swiss PropTech pioneer in branding and design.

Since 2013, the Basel-based qipp company grew from startup to the leading PropTech enterprise in Switzerland and is now rapidly expanding in the German market. Today, qipp merges its corporate and product brands to one single brand: Allthings. Scholtysik & Partner helped Allthings to develop the new brand strategy and design.


The Allthings apps bundle all the services connected to living or working in buildings. It turns anonymous buildings into lively and healthy communities. It dramatically increases efficiency in property management. Ultimately, Allthings increases property value.

PropTech – the digital transformation of the real estate industry

While FinTech has become a popular topic PropTech is still more of an insider story. In regard of the industry’s size and its very early stadium of digitalization, PropTech is poised to become another big story. The potential is huge and the whole business ist mostly uncharted territory. Startups that manage to establish a credible brand soon have a great opportunity to gain big market share with relatively moderate effort.

Brand identity

Scholtysik & Partner helped Allthings to develop the new brand strategy and to create brand-aligned communication and design. With its consolidated and energized brand, Allthings is expanding internationally starting in Berlin where the company opened its new Germany office today.


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